We got any aspiring or currently working pencillers here and is anyone on Kubertsworld forum or been to the school?

...and youy "inkers" aka tracers need to keep it shut......


I post stuff on Digitalwebbing every now and then.

Cool you got any links for your work? I had a look on there its a good site I may have to join. I'm still finding my style so some of the advice on there should help :)

Well, there are some useful thread and such, but if you post your work on the Artist Showcase, put your pride on the shelf cause they will rip it apart. And I don't mean pro artists, I mean every jackass has a negative opinion and something they will try to find wrong with it. So be advised. But there's more to the place than that.

Here's an addy for one of my recent posts. i haven't posted much lately.

Dude thats an awesome piece of work those fuckers are just moaning for the sake of it. I think i'll stick to Kuberts they give positive and constructive critisism.I will take some of the advice on there though but some of those comments are just silly

Thanks guys! I'll let you know when i post another!

RDUK, The thing i noticed about Kubertsworld compared to Digitalwebbing is that there are a lot more people on DW.

Yeah, they can be mean, but it's not all bad and you can learn from harsh crits if you just learn to not take it too seriously or look for too much praise. sometimes you get lucky and they will give lots of love, but who grows from that?

You may have a point I just dont want to be misguided by someone who doesnt kno wwhat they're talking about I may give it a go though.

well, just take every crit with a grain of salt. don't take any of them to heart, even the good ones. You want a balanced of good and bad. Some people are cool, some people are dicks, but it shouldn't change your vision, just helps you with errors you or other people you show it to may not tell you.

I'll support you if you tell me when you gonna post. There are people of all skill levels who post.

Ok mate thanks I will let you know when I scan some work in. Thanks dude