Penn Case Still Ongoing

A first, preliminary ruling was made in the Penn-Zuffa case yesterday.

What happens next is at




Seems to me that Zuffa's in the wrong on this one.

i completely disagree. Zuffa has the right to keep their champs and hire who they want to fight. Zuffa made BJ Penn, that's all there is to it. Penn shouldn't be able to sue his way back into the show he walked away from

not to mention that its ridiculous on the face of it to say that the UFC title isn't the UFC's to take away; that it belongs to the fighter that earns it.

I guess that means Pulver is still the champ then, and BJ is going to court for nothing

"I guess that means Pulver is still the champ then, and BJ is going to court for nothing"

Um, bj actually beat Matt Hughes for the welterweight title, he did not have the lightweight title which was pulver's.

Why do people keep saying BJ walked away/turned his back on the UFC. He has stated from the begining that he still wanted to fight for the UFC and that he took the fight because it was a huge oppurtunity for him to make some money and get better exposure. The UFC wasn't planning on him fighting any time soon anyway.

the UFC said from the beginning that he couldn't fight anywhere else

and yeah, I know he beat Hughes, I was just saying

Zuffa made BJ Penn??? That statement is rediculous. BJ Penn's hard work and natural talent made him. Zuffa profited off of that talent as well as BJ used Zuffa to showcase that talent. Both parties mutually benefited from their relationship. I do not know what the contractual agreement was so I'll just await the outcome of the case till I pass judgement.

Dana White made his first public response to the ruling today. It's at

what was the ruling??

So if Zuffa would have let Penn fought in K-1 and he lost you would all be calling Zuffa stupid for that.

and again what was the ruling??

cool so the fight is still on.yaaaaaaaaaaa

Penn's court case is pretty silly. The belt's value is determined by Zuffa, not by Penn, the fighters or even the fans. Taking the control of THEIR belt out of THEIR hands would be such stupid beurocratic bullshit. It would complicate things to no end, such as in the instance of the Ortiz incident holding out by saying he's injured or some crap. There would be no rules or stipulations for contenders or for title holders. This isn't some federation like boxing has, which I don't think anyone is a hurry to go to, considering how corrupt they are.

'cause that would make the UFC and esp dana look weak as hell, and also sounds dumber than a box of rocks since the belts are already world championships!


Only in a perfect world. Everyone bashes Zuffa for not doing certain things...."Zuffa sucks they will not bring Silva over to fight Randy". Zuffa cannot just snap their fingers and make everything happen.

It is not that easy to say ok lets let Chack go fight in the tournament. Oh shit he lost don't worry we will just sign Rampage and have a rematch.

I do not know the full story or care to read 21 pages of lawyers crap. I really like BJ and think he is one of the most exciting guys out there. But what looks like happen to me is he won and tried to use the belt as leverage to get a raise. Well most UFC fighters already know how much they will be making for their next few fights. Well after the belt he wanted more. Zuffa said no so he left. Done deal......

Like I have said many times. This is not MLB. There is not enough money for you to hold out. Maybe someday but as of right now even if you are BJ Penn or just about any fighter out there you just don't have enough power to be able to do that.

--- "So if Zuffa would have let Penn fought in K-1 and he lost you would all be calling Zuffa stupid for that."

Then you strip him after the loss for not being the best or some shit... The premtive strippage (if you will) was senseless.

stripping him after he lost would be equally senseless. He was stripped so that K-1 couldn't annouce him as the UFC champ at their show. Boxing organizations do stuff like this all the time, its not as big a deal as some of you are acting like

Zuffa knows what they're doing. They let Barnett go and he's done absolutely nothing since then. They let Busta go and he'd gone 0-3 since then. None of the guys they've released have been catapulted to international superstardom, and Zuffa is still putting on shows that are just as good or better than they were a year or two ago

Zuffa has a history of taking a complete nobody like Mir or BJ and making them a champ. There are 5-10 other BJ Penns out there somewhere, just waiting for their chance, and Zuffa will find and develop them, while BJ sits around doing nothing. BJ knows this, that's why he's so desperate to get back into the UFC. He doesn't have a career without them; if he did he wouldn't be trying to sue his way back in