Penn: 'I think Fitch is going to be very surprised

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As for the fight itself, while Penn acknowledges that Fitch, who is a slightly favored to win, is a talented fighter, he believes that the former Purdue wrestler is in for a surprise.

"I think Fitch is going to be very surprised when we lock up and grapple," Penn said. "I think he thinks that's going to be the easy part, but he's going to be surprised."

With the winner of the fight slated to position himself for a strong claim on the next welterweight title shot, Penn is excited for the chance to vie for another title.

"Yeah, let's do it," Penn said. "I got nothing else better to do. Either that or go hang out at the beach, so let's go. Let's go get another belt."

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IMO his best bet is to stay AWAY from grappling but this will be an interesting fight for sure.

 Penn will dominate standing, in the clinch, and when it hits the ground.


who is bj training with right now? I hope he's got someone that can emulate fitch in camp

He has the hands to put fitch down but he needs to get on top right away and gnp then transition to fitch's back during a scramble. then he needs to choke him and proceed to lick fitch's blood off of his gloves like a crazy person

BJ Penn via RNC, 1st round.

disbeliever - I think Fitch has the size and strength and grinding game to wear Penn out fast. I think BJ needs to stay standing for awhile.

And when he defends the takedown, dont just hop around on one foot, but land shots to the head/body. Make him regret going for a shot
100,000% correct.


Diego gave fitch a close as fight and BJ made diego look like a clown.

@anunaki- Matt Hughes flew to Hawaii to train with him for this fight. Phone Post

Penn should be at team Quest for this one. Or at least fly in guys like Sonnen, Linland, Lawlor ect..

I don't think Penn is gonna be able to outmuscle Fitch in any respect. If they lock up BJ will definitely get smothered. Phone Post

BJ will take this fight surprisingly easy I think. If it goes to the ground you will see the difference between a normal black belt and the prodigy. BJ has good hands good power amazing BJJ good takedown defense. Fitch won't be able to grind this one out. Phone Post

I got Fitch.

I don't mind seeing the fight - but I don't know where to go from there if BJ wins. I am a huge BJ fan, but the truth is he didn't clean out 155 he got kicked out of 155. Now, after two wins (if he wins), he's in the title mix for 169? That doesn't seem right. Also he's already lost to the champ twice. The first fight was close, so he got a rematch in which he got his ass handed to him. I don't need GSP vs BJ 3, and I don't need a guy who couldn't hang on to his 155 belt challenging for the 169 belt - and I'm a BJ fan!

I don't doubt Penn's ability to grapple it's just that he'll likely spend most of that grappling time on his back. The judges will favour the 'on-top' Fitch.

BJ can't not get a title shot if he beats Fitch. In fact, whoever wins this HAS to get a title shot. I don't care how badly they were dominated by GSP, they deserve it. And besides, it's not like GSP isn't dominating everybody else.

fta___ - Fitch via blanket.


Penn's chance to win this is on the feet.

Frankie Edgar had zero trouble operating in Penn's guard, really doing some nice GNP their last fight, and Fitch is bigger, stronger, and even better as an MMA grappler.

ajjr0ller - 
fta___ - Fitch via blanket.
Big BJ fan... but he is waaaaaay too small to be fighting Fitch.


Fitch doesn't even need to take BJ down. Just wall n stall him for 3 rounds to ANOTHER bullshit boring decision where the guy who DOESN'T want to fight wins the "fight"......AGAIN...