Penn-Ludwig & Sudo-Royler

I just got to see these fights for the first time,both were short but great fights.

In the Penn fight right after the bell rang Penn tackled BANG,i mean BANG was on his back within 2 seconds of the start of the round.Once there he looked lost with Penn,i thought he would have done better watching his fight with Sudo.His guard didnt even really slow BJ down.

I read somewhere that BJ took BANG's back and slapped a RNC on him but it was a side choke set up very nicely by Penn that he tapped to.

Sudo dropped some HARD knees to Royler's dome before finishing up with some punches to an unconscience Royler's face.

Great fights - any word on if the DVD will be available?

Penn was pounding on BANG and to his credit BANG was taking the shots and trying to fire back a few but his arms were too short.

Anybody wanna know how you can see these fights for free?

someone please post!

I dont have the first clue on how to post Video but if you have Kazaa or a P2P program that connects to thier server you can find it there.

There is a TON of new MMA/K-1 stuff on Kazaa,i found Sapp-Akebono/Kimbo's backyard fight/Hoost-Vovchanchin(sp)Hoost-Cro-cop/Hoost-Sapp/Sperry-Royler/Tito-Arona

The Remey Bonjasky highlight is pretty good too.

That Penn/Ludwig fight is like the Rickson Vale Tudo Japan matches. He had a sadistic mount, Ludwig couldn't get him off and just keep eating punches. This goes to show Penn's bjj is at a very very high level. As Ludwig has done alot better with Sudo, who knows a thing or two on the ground.

Its funny that you mention Rickson.The way that Penn grabbed BANG's arm and held it over BANG's head/neck reminded me of Rickson,he used to do that to alot of people back in the day.

penns fight was a good example of a gameplan working perfectly

In his last few fights (Hughes, Gomi, and Bang) it seems like BJ is on another level.

He made BANG look like he had never been on the ground before and he made Hughes look like a novice.

I still wanna see BJ take on Sherk though,i think Sherk has got the stuff to dethrone him.


tt for b~

That was all I had with a year lay off from rolling and taking the fight on 2 weeks notice. I stepped up when no one else would.

Bang, you don't have to answer to anyone. You have done more and beat more guys than 90% of the total guys posting on this forum. You single handedly turned Sven Beans show into a world recognized event and your loyalty to him and your team makes you a champ. The flight alone to Japan will break a man. You just let the record do the talking and the shit will take care of itself.

I want a rematch when Bang has had some time to prepeare. When are you fighting MMA again? I would almost be willing to take a fight with you just so I could see a highlight reel of combos like that fight with Shad.

Thanks jimburleson.

Yelm, right now there is nothing set but I want to get back into NHB soon. I am just enjoying my time off right now. Getting fat and loving it.

No disrespect meant towards you at all BANG,you are ten times the fighter i could ever hope to be.I think Penn is just a freak right now and it was a bad match up for you style wise.

I will always be a BANG fan and look forward to watching you fight again MMA or K-1.

Sudo pulled off probably the nicest flying foot stomp I've ever seen in MMA in that fight. Clocked Royler right in the face.

Maybe its already common knowledge but im loving all this MMA stuff on Kazaa.I have dial up so i dont even try to download whole events but ive seen alot of fights i prob would have never seen without Kazaa.

They have the Arona-Fedor fight on there too,im going for that one next.

theres something better than kazaa for mma, but we cant mention it here....

"but im loving all this MMA stuff on Kazaa"

Yeah, and I bet you're loving all those pop-ups, your keystrokes being sent to other people, backdoors installed so your computer can be remoted, etc.

Thanks for the post dudley but you might wanna send max power an email :-)