Penn/Lyoto *YAWN*

Definitely the most boring fight I've seen in a while.

Please discontinue your efforts to watch the fight, it was poo and Penn did nothing. Then again, Lyoto seemed subdued as well.

EDIT: It was a UD for Lyoto as well. I don't know what fight Penn was watching, but all 3 judges clearly had it for Lyoto.

I agree. Lyoto should've smashed BJ but merely held him a lot.

Don't get me wrong there were a few good punches/takedowns.. But I would be embarrased if I was Lyoto.

Its taking forver to download

lol... where was the "domination" we've been hearing so much about?

NEVERTAP, save the HD space.

"But I would be embarrased if I was Lyoto."

I would be embarrassed if I were K-1. That matchup was doomed from the get-go.

"lol... where was the "domination" we've been hearing so much about?"

It was there, mixed in with the mass amounts of boredom. Penn got DOMINATED, the only time he did anything was when Lyoto slipped and he still got zero accomplished. Penn scored no points at all in my books.

At least Lyoto footstomped Penn and legkicked him good.

How can you save a quicktime player video? I hate the apple player and dont know how to save it.

anyone who thinks that was "domination" is obviously watching the fight with a pretty thick filter...
carry on with the hate propaganda...

LOL @ you thinking Penn did shit the entire fight.

Lyoto footstomped Penn, took him down 2 times, got half-mount once, legkicked Penn several times.

Penn got one takedown off of a Lyoto slip, did fuck-all with it.

Lyoto took the fight on all 3 judges scorecards, a dominant victory IMO.

i gave the first round to penn, second two lyoto, and the third maybe even.

penn was the aggressor the entire fight. he forced the action. it was weird to see the 220 pound lyoto back away from the 180 pound penn.

props to bj for attacking the bigger man!



1)Exercising the most influence or control."

Lyoto was dominant. Maybe you tards need to understand English.

"props to bj for attacking the bigger man!"

Props to Lyoto for winning.

Are you trying to redefine domination? Look it up.

"lmao@ busting out the dictionary...are we back in third grade? lol...hey, im a fan of the UFC too but you take it to an extreme--are you on their payroll or something?"

What does the UFC have to do with the proper usage of the word "domination?" Penn/Lyoto was a K-1 fight, Penn got handled with ease from Lyoto. I just call them like I see them.

LOL @ the slightest of margins.

Anybody who thinks Penn won that fight needs to be put down like a rabid dog.

okay please break the dictionary back out b/c i dont know what "racid" means.

ttt for some help for me!

goku I got you hook, line and sinker

8.42/10 IMO

I would like to see it.

"okay please break the dictionary back out b/c i dont know what "racid" means"

It means "your mom is a whore" in Latvian.

i think the fight was a draw. neither performed well enough to win. neither took enough damage to lose.

the moral victory goes to bj. he now knows he can fight with the heavies. he has been in the ring with the big boys and he did just fine.

unlike lyoto, silva would come at bj and try to show him that he his the bigger man. in that case bj has a shot at winning.