Penn/Rory booked for FOX 5 card

Jus found breaking news ladies an gents. Rumor has it from ol Nate Quary that the fight haz been booked for yat air CARD.

Depending on whether or not Hendo defeats Jones or if Bendo beats Edgar we could see some very good matches up for that card.

Bendo/Diaz would be an awesome card. Diaz fought for the FOX 3 card an showed how far he's improved his game. He had to of real in fans with that performance. He defeated a tough act in Jim Miller an also being the first man to stop how. Oh, can't forget the biting of the tongue while being choked. Diaz is already a FOX friendly fighter. Bring Bendo onto that scene would help boost an promote the lightweight division. As being if not the most stacked divison in the UFC, its star sometimes get over looked by the Anderson's, an Jones an GSPs an Nick Diazs. Having a lightweight title fight on FOX with Bendo/Diaz you can't loose.

Henderson/Shogun 2.
That fight was rumored for the first FOX card. But needless to say we didn't get it. The first match was incredible an is sure to repeat itself. It could be safe to say both men are on they're way out. Shogun has more life then Hendo, but his ability to have wars seems to be wearing out these days. Hes looked good in all his fights as of late, but his cardio an ability not to get rocked is slipping. That would be a big big fight for both men an for FOX. It's highlights of the first fight would be enough to even get the newest of fans excited. I drool jus thinking about it... :)

Throw Sonnen on that card. He's posting rumors of a GRUDGE weight bout at 200. FOX would be the perfect place to showcase that bout. FOX has already made it well known they're a fan of Sonnens an they like his 'character'. Plus he fought back on the FOX 2 card so he had been seen on the network.

Bendo/Diaz or Hendo/Shogun 2
Sonnen/Wandy ?? Bisping ??
Chan San Jung/Swanson or Lamas Phone Post

 vada back on?

 Cain vs Werdum

Weidman vs Boestch.

Does this card have a date yet? Phone Post

What I read didn't say. Phone Post

Or a location?? Phone Post

 awesome, great fucking fight for fox

ima zombie - 

Does this card have a date yet? Phone Post

  December 8th.

Is Penn/Rory not the main event for sure? Or are they signed for 5 rounds?

 ^ I doubt it's the main event because Fox and Zuffa want title eliminators as the main event.  I think the main event will either be Cain/Werdum or Weidman/Boetsch.

Yeah that makes sense, that's an unreal co-main for fox tho, I'd absolutely love to see Werdum/Cain Dec 8th and Reem/JDS on the year end Dec 29th card but I doubt he'll be licensed in time

Rumored to take place in San Jose. YESSSSSSSSS!!!! Phone Post