Penn & Teller

I know this was over a week ago..but did anyone see their show BULSHIT, where they discussed the bible?


Anything worth noting of it?

I saw it and all that did was essentially say the Bible isn't worth believing in, that it was BS.

Yeah, they should probably stick to magic tricks and shock value humor.

I learned early on that anything sacred could be twisted or made to look foolish out of context. Heck! The right pervert could take our fine Constitution and make it look rather sick. Wait a minute, their doing that now...


Ther's no account of disobedient Children being stoned etc. for those offences is what I hear Jewish Talk show host Dennis Prager explain.

yes I'm sure a couple of second rate Las Vegas magicians..{well actually I guess only one of them is an actual magician} really did an indepth and lengthy investigation of biblical fact more then any scholar or historian ever did.

yours in Christ


I personally think it was taken out of context by individuals who don't believe in the bible anyway.

But the thing I found interesting was they gave you the impression that only "christians" believed in the bible and the Bible is only a "christian" religious book and that the "christian church" put the bible together - decide what book were included etc. Then they essentially used only O.T passages and OT individauls such as Moses to make the point the Bible is BS.

They didn't seem to consider that the Bible (at least the part they talked about the most) is was/is holy to Jews as well as Christians. And Moses was/is an important person to Jews as well as christians. They also didn't seem to consider that part of the bible (the O.T) was in existence, used and consulted, waaaaaay before the "christians" got a hold of it.

So while they were in essence trying to "rip" the Bible to make a point and statement against Christians they, because they essentially used only OT passages and personalities, made more of a statement against Jews.

Okay, but you gotta think, who is their audience? how many people know the above mentioned facts? They have limited time and their goal is to entertain. Keep that in mind.

You've seen Penn hammer nails into Teller's head? well I guess that "nails"[pun intended}it then...thats all the experience they need to discuss biblical passages....when do they get their doctrite ;)

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"What do you Xtians have to say about those passages at the end. Such as stone to death your disobediant children or you shouldn't have long hair. Stuff like that."

If you have questions about the verses you mentioned, please look them up and post them here for a response.