penn, trigg on mmaweeklyradio.

If you heard you already know. Today on the show trigg was pretty much calling out bj penn. bj was on the line as he was voted FIGHTER OF THE YEAR. Trigg made a good point and told Penn straight out, "you have your own organization, which can pay just about every fighter in the world........and we still haven't fought yet."

Frank even went as far as saying "QUIT DUCKIN' ME!"
BJ pretty much kept a sarcastic tone, but did say, "Me and Trigg are eventually going to have to fight, sometime before our careers are over."

As far as I'm concerned, BJ needs to step up. After going thru that w/ Trigg on the radio, if this fight doesn't happen gotta wonder.

I'm not trying to cause ruckus, just thought ya'll should know. [I think BJ will shut up Trigg like Hughes did].

Bj if your reading this...KICK HIS ASS!!!.


they should fight, i'd pic bj to win yet root for trigg

Trigg has the tools to put BJ away. This fight should happen.

Why does BJ "NEED" to fight Trigg. what does trigg do for BJ if BJ wins. yeah its a good fight for the fans but other than that what does Trigg offer for BJ. He beat Hallman, who is bottom A level top B level fighter and Charuto who is a top 10 guy but has what 8 fights, and that fight could have turned out different. Hughes deserves a rematch, Pulver is a good fight, Sherk deserves a shot. If BJ doesn't fight these guys each and every fight he's ducking them??? Come on, Wand is the best fighter on the planet right now and he fights cans twice a year.

I like Trigg, but to challenge someone on the radio show after you named him the fighter of the year is in pretty bad taste.

Besides I dont know why Frank wants this fight so much, Penn will handily beat him. Penn is better than him at everything except the takedowns (and that is questionable).

Frank will beat BJ.He has the hands and the wrestling to put BJ away.Charuto couldn't finish off Frank yet everyone thinks BJ will.Charuto has better BJJ than BJ IMHO.Trigg will beat BJ whenever they fight!

I'm surprised anyone can say with a straight face that "BJ needs to step up"...

Seems like that's all BJ ever does...

Charuto almost subbed Frank.

And why would BJ even need to take him down, BJ will be able to outstrike him.

I have great respect for both guys but my moneys on Trigg. He would be the betting underdog, but I'd take the plus money. YOU KNOW!

I think this fight should happen just because it makes sense and would be good. However, I don't think BJ should decide to fight people based on being called out. That's just plain being manipulated, especially when you're at the top, everyone is going to be calling you out all the time.

As a matter of fact, if people do it in a bad or unprofessional way, you have the power to make them wait.

Odessa, be a sport and make BJ the underdog- that's a bet I'll take anyday!

who the fuck has trigg beaten?????

his instructor

needs to step up to the challenge, is what i meant.

Frank's got a point when he says BJ has the $$$ (or backing) to get any fighter on his ROTR cards.

That was simply a ploy to get himself (Trigg) a high profile fight....nothing more.

If you were Bj - why not face Trigg on your own card and make bank win or lose?

if I was BJ I'd just say shut the F up until you beat Hughes oh yeah what's the defense for a R.N.C.

PS I like trigg as a fighter too.

why didn't trigg offer to fight him and have his pay be expenses only? or winner take all?

maybe he is wanting to talk himself into a payday he hasn't earned?

Trigg's first fight with Hughes was a payday he hadn't earned. That was the first fight Trigg had since 'beating' Hallman with a kick to the groin a year earlier.

Trigg must have made Oddessa some nice money last time out.

Why does Trigg feel he deserves a shot against the best guy in the division?

He has to get by Hughes first which he wont do a second time.