Penn vs Bendo

Theoretically, who u got? Phone Post

I think Penn would KO Bendo on the feet, strangle him on the ground.

Might see it one day, I could see Penn moving back to 155 before calling it quits for good. Phone Post

Irule - I don't think Penn really cares all that much anymore, so I doubt this will ever happen. Penn is a horrible match up for Henderson though. His stand up is just as good as Frankie's, but with much more power. If he caught Ben like Frankie did, it would be lights out.

Pretty much this. From a skills perspective, Penn would own him. The problem would be if he was in good enough shape to sustain it. Phone Post

BJ is great but he's past his prime. On talent alone he can still compete with the best but I wouldn't take him at this point over Bendo. They did train together years ago when BJ was in his prime too.

Cerrone vs penn no 1 contender Phone Post