Penn Vs Hughes rubber match needed

I know alot of people bitch about the UFC rematches (including me. But i think this is the only one match the actually warrants one because Hughes and Penn are the best fighters the company actually have. Penn did well before he gassed. He would beat Matt in the rubber match

Let BJ get a couple of easier fights first. To the new UFC fans he's basically 0-2. A fight with Shields or the Fitch/Hironaka winner (or loser) would be good. A fight with Hironaka would have some added drama since Hironaka beat down Charuto. A fight with Riggs would also be a decent idea.

i agree this is one of the few trilogies in the UFC that makes sense. both fights were exciting.

"Bj Penn vs Mayhem Miller"

Would be fun to watch, but not going to happen unless it is at 185, and that doens't do much for garnering support of a Hughes/Penn #3.

Yeah, Penn needs a few wins first. All the new TUF fans just think that he is an 0-2 journeyman.

probably happen in 2-3 years

I would love to see a rubber match, but it will probably have to wait. Hughes is going to have to defend against GSP, the winner of TUF 4, and probably Diego Sanchez before Penn gets another shot.

He lost to the #1 contender and he lost to the champion. He has to work his way back up to contention. Does he really feel like doing that? For some reason I dont think we'll see BJ fighting that much. Just a hunch...

after the hughes/gsp fight and the winner/tuf 4 winner fight it should happen, and BJ can get a couple wins in the time while thats all goin down

Do BJ vs Diego. Winner gets the winner of GSP/Hughes, loser gets the loser.

UFC 170 division is sick. Any combo of GSP/BJ/Hughes/Diaz/Diego/Karo I'd watch any day.

I agree this is one of the few rematches that needs to happen. Basically the whole 170 pound division just needs to keep them rolling.. Any combination of the top 5 170s will be great! I would love to see Karo and Diego again!

A rubber match would rock!

But I would love to see GSP vs Hughes, with BJ vs Diego.


after losing 2 in a row, BJ needs to take a step down in competition and get a couple of wins. there's no point right now in having him fight either Hughes or GSP again