Penn's coach assures fighter is "serious"

Penn’s coach assures that fighter is taking St. Pierre fight seriously

January 15, 2009

Viewers of the first excellent episode of UFC Prime Time on Spike last night may have walked away with the impression that lightweight champion BJ Penn is not taking his training for Georges St. Pierre seriously enough. But according to the “Phenom’s” head coach, Rudy Valentino, nothing could be further from the truth.

“Dana White was making a big deal out of nothing,” Valentino tells InsideFighting.


This is why I hate reality show style editing.

I hate BJ but I doubt he is being lazy for GSP.

I talk to BJ all the time and I will tell you that he is very serious!

Smoke n Mirrors....whadaya gonna do??

Crooklyn - Great job, Elias.  I had spoken to someone in his camp earlier today, and there was a bit of dissention about the way he was portrayed (creative editing?).  I'm glad you got this.

Thanks for reading and the support Steph! I'm glad we got to speak with Rudy as well.

If I was in their position I would be upset as well, but if I was on another side of things, I can see how the episode happened the way it did. I mean they just showed BJ saying in his own words what he was doing the rest for but then they showed Dana White objecting to it. Essentially point counter point.


 By the way guys, I am about to make an edit and correction on when the rest time was because I just received  message from Valentino saying that the "3-4 weeks" ago was actually a mis-statement

 Thanks so much, same goes for me regarding your work!

 Ok, made a change in the story guys. Below is the selection that was altered and below that is the reason why:

Valentino says that Penn’s scheduled rest time occurred last week “Tuesday through Saturday,”* after Penn had already been training for three consecutive months. Without that time off Penn would have been on schedule to walk into UFC 94 after an approximately five month training camp without pause - entirely too long by anyone’s standards.

*The time frame for Penn’s rest period was originally published as being “3-4 weeks ago,” based on our conversation with Mr. Valentino. At just past 1am CST Thursday morning, however, Mr. Valentino messaged InsideFighting to correct himself, stating that the period actually took place last week in the span currently quoted. We made the change after the message from Mr. Valentino.

 I also added in this paragraph that I had meant to originally:

Valentino also added that unlike St. Pierre, who said in an interview aired on this episode that he goes out to night clubs during training camps (but without doing drugs or drinking alcohol), Penn does not go partying during camp and that “it is all hard work,” in Hawaii for “The Prodigy” right now.

 What a jarring video, but I guess its a good message. I didn't watch the second one though

 Thanks again Crooklyn! Good night everyone

LOL @ the TUF-style, obviously manufactured drama of that 24-7 episode needing explanation.

After a couple of seasons of TUF you just file this kind of thing under "no shit."

LOL @ Dana on the phone to Hawaii cussing at BJ's brother about what he "heard." We get it dude, you're a hard ass, you're "cracking down" on all the bs! Promoto-cop with the pimp hand in the Escalade!

It's a shame because the show didn't need any of that at all. It was still good in spite of it but LOL @ anybody taking that at face value.

Legends - I talk to BJ all the time and I will tell you that he is very serious!

 Dude, did you call me last night (808)?  I have my Blackberry, not my Treo with me right now (outta town for work) and have hardly any numbers in this new phone. 

What would Oprah think?

Part of me believed that Penn was just making up the whole "taking a break" thing to play tricks w/ GSP.

one quick thing Elias... BJ is "the Prodigy" not "the Phenom"

Good read Elias,

I had an inkling it might have been creative editing, but given BJ's conditioning issues in the past, I don't blame Dana for checking up on him either.

I watched it and didn't get the impression he was slacking. I think the editing was fine. They showed BJ training very hard, and he said he felt he needed a few days break to rest up for the last hard haul before the fight. Then they showed Dana over-reacting due to BJ's past problems.

Seemed fair to me. I think the show was pretty good and not an edited mess like TUF.

themstiles - one quick thing Elias... BJ is "the Prodigy" not "the Phenom"
He's both :) And I actually made reference to both


Angelo Popofski - Part of me believed that Penn was just making up the whole "taking a break" thing to play tricks w/ GSP.
They actually take time off before all their fights. Valentino talks about it in the article