People are overlooking what Vitor did

Mike Tyson trained with Vitor ahead of his last fight…

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He missed that hook which probably caused him instantly harniate few disc in his spinal
Anw would be very interesting to see how mike does against vitor


I think even better because of the history would be Anderson vs Vitor. Same age bracket and both in fight form.

Let’s leave the old guys for the old guys lol.

Although I will say this, Tyson would definitely have a better chance as he is much fresher than most men his age. Vitor just looked too “young” fresh still.

Holyfield fell over and almost out of the right because he missed a punch. I’m sorry, but an athlete in a real form doesn’t fall down randomly.

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As a MMA fan, I’m already tired of all those purely BOXING bouts. At least in Pride and Japanese orgs, they would have some mixed rules and weird stuff that did include more elements than pure boxing, even if only for alternating rounds.

Admittedly, all very good points!