People from Tennessee - No cooking gas? WTF!?!?

I’m looking at homes between 300k - 750k and they all have glass top electric stoves. TF? Is that a thing? No natural gas piped into homes? Electric heat in homes to? Thats just weird

it’s also 3x the price to use electric, electric wrecks the environment more as well.

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I’m a gas worker in the northeast, and all the natural gas up here comes from Tennessee, so that’s just fucking weird!


Not a normal thing. From and live in TN, I have gas heat and range/oven. Even had gas for the clothes dryer (that’s not worth it btw).

I think lots of the electricity in Tennessee comes from TVA hydro electricity. Are you looking at rural properties? Gas may not have been piped out to that area yet, and the gas option would be LP which requires a pressure vessel tank in your yard.

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You are correct tourist. TVA is huge here.

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mount juliet

Propane companies will rent you a tank for very cheap and come refill it regularly.

People just don’t use gas as much in the south in general. Especially when it comes to heating their homes. Not popular at all.

cooking with gas / adjustable flame is the only way to cook.

You only have civic amenities In First world nations.

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When I lived in Washington state, they only had electric. Same with when I lived in South Florida.