People have really porked up at work

Anyone else notice people coming back to their works and being like 30 pounds heavier. Man some of these women who weren’t half bad I thought were pregnant. One guy looks like he could literally roll on his side his is so fat now. The covid 15 is more like the covid 30 lol


Every work meeting now starts with everyone talking about bread, beer and sugar. 

The fattening

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Really? At least around where I live people have been conscious of keeping healthy, working out a lot, running, cycling etc.

Most people I know actually seem more fit than the last time I saw them.

OP must live in the USA south.

Everyone i know glowed up not down.
Mothafuckas bought bedroom power cages and shit.

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I know for a lot of people they work out in gyms and don’t have home gyms so that has affected them. Others just being home all day bored and by a full fridge lol. I’ll admit my hair looks terrible from my covid cut but I have tried to maintain my weight

I look better than ever!

I worked out A LOT while home. Also drank too much. Im all time fat right now. 
usually a beacon of health 

In March and April when this first hit I was at my worst. Staying home and doing nothing but playing video games, eating and sleeping. Last month I’ve really tried to bounce back and am getting back to level

I gained Like 5 lbs in first month but then dropped 10. I can totally see how others could have kept up that 5 lb a month weight gain. 

Jayn200 - 

I gained Like 5 lbs in first month but then dropped 10. I can totally see how others could have kept up that 5 lb a month weight gain. 

Yeah, after the initial pants tightening red flag it should be clear fat fuck city is right around the corner. That and knowing that being overweight puts you at a higher health risk should be motivation enough. No gym needed. Do lunges, air squats, pushups, walks, hikes, runs, whatever.

The food shortage stuff probably didn't help.

"Man. They're running low on fresh meat products. Guess I gotta buy all these Hot Pockets and frozen pizzas."

I saw my office crush last week. Man, she looked better than ever. I would destroy both our lives for one glorious night of eating her ass. 

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I'm down 30lbs since the quarantine started. Saw the opportunity. Jumped on that shit.




Gained 8 or so with no Bjj and quarantine.

Started cycling again and I’m back to where I started and trending down... probably lost some muscle though from doing exclusively cardio.

I’m in some of the best shape of my life right now. I built a climbing wall in my den. Best thing to come out of all this.

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So, the quarantine starts to lift and everyone returns to work overweight, which is an apparent covid risk factor. Wonderful. Covid v2.0 is going to be a doozy.

yes very bad

i gained a ton of weight and am disgusted with myself


I'm in better shape than I was before. I guess it's my conservative survival instincts that kick in while the liberals play out the apocolypse in their deranged minds.