People of who make left turns at solid yellow line

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OP - Do you even drive, bro?


Hey, here's my house.  Be right back....I need to drive 15 FUCKING MILES up the street so I can turn around and drive those same 15 FUCKING MILES so I can turn right into my driveway.  Don't want to piss of OP!


21460. (a) When double parallel solid lines are in place, no person driving a vehicle shall drive to the left thereof, except as permitted in this section.

(b) When the double parallel lines, one of which is broken, are in place, no person driving a vehicle shall drive to the left thereof, except as follows:

(1) That the driver on that side of the roadway in which the broken line is in place may cross over the double line or drive to the left thereof when overtaking or passing other vehicles.

(2) As provided in Section 21460.5.

(c) Either of the markings as specified in subdivision (a) or (b) does not prohibit a driver from crossing the marking when (1) turning to the left at any intersection or into or out of a driveway or private road, or (2) making a U-turn under the rules governing that turn, and either of the markings shall be disregarded when authorized signs have been erected designating offcenter traffic lanes as permitted under Section 21657.

And from the DMV's Handbook:

Two solid yellow lines indicate no passing. Never drive to the left of these lines unless you are:
• Turning left at an intersection.
• Turning into or out of a privateroad or driveway.
• In a carpool lane that has a designated entrance on the left.
Intersections -
An intersection is any place where one line of roadway meets another roadway. Intersections include cross streets, side streets, alleys, freeway entrances, and any other location where vehicles traveling on different highways or roads join each other.

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PeteyWheatstraw - I hate when people sit behind the crosswalk at intersections waiting to turn left when the light is green. You're supposed to creep up into the intersection and then wait until you can turn, right? If you wait behind the crosswalk you fuck the guy behind you when the light turns yellow. He can't sneak through.
Depends if it's a busy intersection for people who walk I won't cross the cross walk if it's just a solid green light. Phone Post 3.0

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Ocean6 - OF COURSE you are allowed to turn across a double yellow!

What, you think you have to drive until you see a break and re-route 2 miles back to your driveway or the business you wanted to visit?


This. I don't understand OP.

Solid yellow means no passing, not no turning across the lane.


Perhaps it's different where you live, but in British Columbia, and probably the rest of Canada, you are permitted to pass on a solid yellow line. You are not permitted to pass on a solid white line. Yellow lines indicate traffic in opposite directions, white lines for traffic in the same direction.

I used to hear this all the time and then I started to keep a copy of the government road rules booklet.

"Single Yellow Line: Passing is allowed with extra caution"

And yes, you can of course turn across a single yellow line into a driveway or whatever.

LakerUp had a thread last year where he posted traffic law after traffic law, shattering many people's deepest beliefs about traffic law, and they still did not believe him.