People picked Leben over Silva???

Don't come on the UG much in the past few years. Sometimes click on the top threads, but spend most time here on the OG. Sometimes I feel like it (the UG) just dumbs me down, and I've had my fill of Rickson by armbar threads. But today I did.

I was just reading a thread that was saying that alot (as in most) of the UG had picked Leben to win over Anderson Silva. Is that true? Seriously? An TUF'er over Silva? Please be honest, I am just asking.

With the exception of the comeback season, I don't see many TUF'ers going far. Though there are a couple. But Leben over Silva???? TF.

I would say "some" picked him, but no way "all" or even "most". Yeah, there are a lot of uninformed people that didn't know Silva, but not quite in the numbers your post implies.

Silvia was a fluke win...

Also, many of the TUF fighters have a ton of potential (Sanchez, Koscheck, Evans, Swick, Stevenson, etc.)

I only remember CRE picking Leben.

OK, the htread made it sound way worst. And ThonolansGhost, those are the exact guys I was thinking of, when I was saying some have potential.