People say St. Pierre, Cote will g

The people who keep on saying St. Pierre and Cote will get beat down severely should get their heads out their asses.

Don't get me wrong I acknowledge that Matt and Tito are great fighters and WERE great champions. I don't think half the people speaking shit has not seen St. Pierre and Cote fight. I have seen all Georges and Patricks fights and trust these guys are for real.

The only fight people talk about is Georges fight with Jay Hieron but, all but seem to forget that he beat a very good fighter in Karo Paryisan.

As for Cote he has KO'd some of the most solid chins in Canadian MMA.

I'm not going to say "I'm 100% sure St. Pierre and Cote will win", but these guys are going to come to throw down and I hope their opponents aren't underestimating them like many of you guys are.

I think they're g too.


Yes, St. Pierre and Cote are good fighters. Trouble is, they're both about to face great fighters and they are both going to get pounded.

georges might shock the world!

cote should get manhandled. st. pierre can scramble more, but matt should handle that fine.

I think st. pierre has a great chance. Cote, however will get pounded.

st pierre stands a better chance but it is still a slim one.