People should be forced

I was Just following orders…


Yes please.

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That’s important to do at times.

Thought this would gain more traction.

Back in my day, trolling meant something.


Should you be held down and force to take a vaccine no

Should employers be able to make getting a vaccine a contrition of employment yes

should business be able to turn away customers who cannot prove they have a vaccine yes

Why not just let everyone make their own choice? If your employer forces you to get a vaccine quite, get a new job

If your grocery store wants proof of a vaccine before they let you buy stuff go to a different store

Trolling is a art.

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You’re goddamn right.

  • makes thread about how Communists are not people *

  • makes people mad about it a year later *

LOL. I’ve triggered people here with some ridiculous non-political trolls. I made a thread once calling people who bring their own bag to the grocery store faggots and for voted to Bolivia and frozen lol

Interesting fact. I was never frozen on the old forum despite making multiple enemies for life. lol

I don’t agree with chicks having dicks, but when the time comes I’ll fuck every single god damned last one of them.

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I used to be gullible too when I was like, 20. Then I grew up and gained some awareness. Give it time OP, eventually you’ll gain some wisdom and confidence. Only then can you become head strong.

Why stop at covid? Why not all vaccines?
And I guess my rights to my health and my privacy aren’t important anymore? Jesus fuck dude … think about what you’re advocating for.

Think long and hard about it

And if you still don’t think about the can of worms you’re opening up… then think some more

Employers and business can tell you how to handle your health … mandate something into your body… for employment?

I bet you are on the side of no voter id laws… but you want a covid passport to work?


This is coming from someone who is getting the vaccine … and would vaccinate his kids if he had any too

I’ll try and keep this in mind.

Yeah but Art encompasses everything from a Tag on the bus stop to the Mona Lisa.
There is levels and this thread is in the basement