People that Jaywalk slowly

There is a breakfast place that tourist like to go to. They serve huge breakfasts so all the fat white people flock there. You have to cross the Main Street to get there and some people are to lazy to use the cross walk so they waddle across the street like penguins.

This one guy the other day Jwalked slow, the guy looked like a tick, he was bigger than Trap Gambino. When people do this it fucks up traffic. It can also make someone tear end you.

I felt like rolling my window down and telling him how I felt but decided that would be a bit cruel.

In town I’ve had to slam my brakes for Jwalkers. I let them know through the window that I’m not happy with their decision but they usually ignore me! This one fat bitch did it and had a smirk, I was close to calling her a fat cow but that would have ruined her month.

Locals do it too. The local punks do the diagonal strut with their dark glasses and ugly tattoos.

This one white guy did this one time and a truck served around him, he yelled some swear words and the truck made a U turn and a bunch of locals jumped out and beat him. I wish I saw it


Around here they are called black people.





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I was in North Carolina, in a nice neighborhood and this big black guy was strutting in the middle of the steeet when it was dark. If I was speeding and drinking I might have ran him over. I didn’t think about rolling down my window and insulting him, he probably killed people before.

What 3rd world hellhole is that?

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I remember when I went to UK they are very strict about right of way… Cars will run over a pedestrian if the pedestrian j walks. If pedestrian crosses where/when they’re supposed to they’re pretty safe but outside of that watch the fuck out lol. It was very different from Canada where if you j walk cars will stop and calmly wait for you.

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It’s not the ones who walk slow that get me. Everyone in the south is fat and slow. It’s the ones who walk at an angle in front of me instead of straight across. Now you’re just being a dick.


I hate bitches that walk in the middle of parking lot roads too.


Likewise here. Almost exclusively blacks. And they do it with a smug “I dare you to do something look on their face”. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been about a half second away from gunning my truck and clipping them. I’d then yell at them “I guess keepin’ it real went real wrong!”

(and then I think to myself that if I hit em, keeping it real would be going really wrong for me and thankfully I resist that temptation to teach em a lesson).


I don’t feel bad when I see videos of people standing in the street get run over

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Especially if you’re driving though the hood.

I had to go see a vendor that was in one of the shittier parts of Chicago, where just about every street corner has a liquor store operating out of the garden apartment of a 3 flat.

Dudes hanging out outside of them who decide it’s time to cross the street just as soon as you roll up to the stop sign before they take their sweet ass time crossing while mean mugging you the whole time.

You should be allowed to run them over.



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The world would be a much better place.

@Cheddar_Man arent you some sort of expert at this?

Yeah! Theres a certain segment of the population that thinks they are PRIVILIGED and ABOVE THE LAW and can jaywalk as they damn well SEE PLEASE!!

ENOUGH! It stops here and now. You gonna jaywalk like a Ni- Nn NIII. NiNinCUMPOOP, you get drove over BOY!

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That’s why passenger mirrors retract, stare at your phone in the street .

I dont even mind a slow crosser, its the motherfuckers that hold eye contact with you while sloughing their filthy selves across the road