People tried to warn the stupid about the vaccine

It’s beginning already.

guess it might to wait to understand the issue. Maybe a bad batch? Maybe other variables impacting this? Let’s wait to hear the truth.

Of better yet, let’s just assume that the vaccine is designed to kill people, thin out the population. Bill Gates is trying to destroy the world and Trump is on the verge of returning to power and save everyone…let’s not forget that 1000s of famous people are being murdered and replaced by actors pretending to be them.


In Boston, they set up the J&J vaccine station on Methadone Mile, knowing these people are too f*cked up to show up twice so they were getting the one shot vaccine. These people have 8 million health problems already, if they’re doing the same in other areas, there are going to problems.

Oh sure buddy. Anyone against THIS vaccine for people under 55 with no health complications is a complete conspiratard and sees vaccine as designed killer poison and all that. We got you. You’re so intellectually superior. Pat yourself on the back (while earing your mask of course).

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only vaxtard extremist are getting this vaccine, it’s great to see them cry about one shot. What happened to correlation doesn’t equal causation?

Why aren’t they letting people know the nature of the reactions? Sore arm? Did a couple people faint? Did a bunch of people have their skin fall off like that other guy? Death?

What bullshit journalism. Also fuck Centra Health for not letting people know whats going on.


I had the j and j vaccine 5 weeks ago and just had sore muscles next day. Same as the flu vaccine does to me now and then. No problems since. My wife is a pharmacist and had a shot left that would have been wasted so I said hell yes I’ll take it. I’m only 40.