People who alwys pick underdog....

Ever notice those turds on here that always pick the most obviously mismatched underdog like Lindland was? Should Linland lose no one is REALLY suprised, their dumb little thread sinks into obscurity unless someone spitefully resurrects it to piss the guy off. But most of the time it is never seen again because the outcome is so obvious.

But these guys when they pick the underdog and actually are right due to punchers chance, injury,bad dec etc etc they bring these threads up to the top and go "Look at me, you guys all picked that guy and I picked this guy because I am smarter. I know more about MMA than you I told you so" must really suck to realize the only bragging rights you have is correctly calling 1 out of 10 fights on an internet forum. Fuckin nerds.

LOL, so true.

awwww geez get a life keoni

LOL so true !!

I picked Lindland because I wanted him to win. I would not have bet on it. But I had no problem backing Lindland for that fight even if he was a big underdog

I had Lindland also...Thank god I didn't bet on it.

How much did Fedor weigh in at?

It's hard to believe Lindland got manhandled like that.

"t's hard to believe Lindland got manhandled like that."