People who are late to an appointment

should be the ones who wait or get bumped. Not everyone else for the rest of the day.
At the doc signing in at 830 for my 845 appointment. The 8:00 appointment signed in at 8:20. The 8:15 at 8:30. So both those single mom looking dipshits are slowing down the whole process. Me and the 8:30 appointment are just sitting here now so I know it's going to be a long morning. Phone Post 3.0

Paul Hopkins - Doctor appts get top priority fir me. It id sop to be 30 min early. Often I'll get in early and the dr will spend extra time answering a barrage of questions. They appreciate and reciprocate.

Late comers get, "take these and call the desk if you have any trouble. " Phone Post 3.0
Wat Phone Post 3.0

I hate doctors ... You get called in to the office late ... then the assistant sees you ... then you wait like 15 minutes for the doctor to get in there .... he says "ok, here's your script, see ya!"



Thats not as bad as showing up for your flight 3 hours before takeoff only to have the late assholes get whisked through check in and security so hey can make their flight. Happens all the fucking time, especially departing montreal or toronto. Fuck each and every one of them right in the ass with a blistery rhinocock Phone Post 3.0

my wife has been getting her hair done at some japanese owned salon for years now and htey have a super strict appt policy...they will not take appointments that show up later than 5 minutes


on 2 occasions, my wife showed up to her appt almost 10 minutes late and they turned her away

despite that, and probably because of that, she remains a loyal client