people who only read the HG but not post!




remember lurkers, this forum is only as good as everyone that makes a post. don't be shy, we want to hear what you have to say. (at least most of the time, unless my car gets keyed that day and you don't know that CBS is network tv)


so don't be shy, register a name, and post away!


some chirashi for your time:


 Trust me there's some "BIG LURKERS" on here!!



*wink, hint, hint!

^^i suppose you're not referring to the preggers wife eh? oh man. the way you describe her, SCARY!

 Not the wife, but trust me "Big Lurkers" watch what you say! lol



*and has BB! :(

HAHAHA! i think i may know who you're referring too. NICE!

ps. stop lurking already, lest you suffer the dreaded faixa clock choke.

Should we make a lurker conversion incentive for HG'ers who convince the "readers" to become "posters"?

interesting thought indeed.

I thought this was another thread about SUB.....


rip sub. :(

 puppy yelping sounds when Sub's name is said

I always tell guys to get a name that no one will figure out and speak your mind. No one knows unless you give out your secret identity. I like when I disagree with ideas. It makes for good reading and stimulating debate.

 I just drooled all over this thread.

raises hand

^^that's the spirit rocdacasper!


I lurk the HG.

buuurp.whoops busted. sorry got caught lurking.

member since? why did my membership date change?i have 85 post since 2001 or something like that,well now 86.oh well i'll go back to lurking bye guys.Bob-O

welcome to the hg Lwoood!

 Is Bob-o= Scrapper?