People who talk about dead people like they’re still alive, just in heaven

Shit creeps me out. The people who are so completely outright and in your face with their certainty when they refer to someone who died and talking about how that individual is currently doing things in Heaven and it’s just a matter of you dying before you’ll be casually hanging out again.

It’s just weird. I get having faith, but talking about dead people like they’re still alive comes off overconfident.

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Still not as bad as people that use “we” and “us” when talking about their favorite sports teams.
Newsflash fucko - you’re not ACTUALLY a Denver Bronco.


Hard agree. You didn’t do shit motherfucker.

Also, enough of the fucking jerseys if it’s not a game-related event.


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I mean. Pretty much. They’re putting about that much thought into it.

It’s just an odd coping mechanism. As a Catholic, I believe in eternal life, and Im not AT ALL sure Im going to be there or if anyone I know is. If you study Christianity you know that Heaven is not a well defined place and that Christ is pretty clear its tough to get there and impossible without considerable mercy from God.

Coping mechanism, I guess.

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Grace is something so easy to give yet so so often neglected to be given.

If someone wants to believe that, it isn’t hurting me, let them have it.


It’s absolutely a coping mechanism. My dad does this. He’s a man of science too, retired research biologist. The faith stands in stark contradiction to his wealth of knowledge about how life functions.

I never pressed him or even asked him how he reconciles it in his mind. But he offered not too long ago that he just figures it can’t hurt. If he’s wrong, he’s wrong and he won’t know it anyway once he dies. I can wrap my head around that. I don’t share it, but I get it.


We all have that coworker who has a cat or dog waiting for them in heaven…

Yeah, believing that would give me a lot of comfort, I just don’t know how one can.

some people need it, having lost a brother, i understand it.

but its like these people assume 100% of their friends & family werent assholes & are going to heaven when in reality, a lot of them are probably burning in hell for eternity.

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For gods sake, quit cumming on the door handle.

Smart man. That’s Pascal’s Wager.

I have yet to meet a person that I thought truly believed in heaven and hell. Nobody I’ve met lived their life in such an exemplary way knowing that their time on earth is so miniscule compared to eternity in the afterlife. Think of all the priests etc that /are were pedo’s, think they’d do that shit if they truly believed they’d have to answer for their sins? Now they even take “the word of God” and bend it to meet their modern beliefs. The bible is pretty clear on homosexuality for instance, “love thy neighbour” isn’t a way out of everything you disagree with in the bible.

Some people commit acts of evil because they lack faith in God, and some do so in exchange for worldly pleasure or objects as theistic beings consciously aligning themselves with Satan. The Catholic church has priests of both variety, as does the world at large, but it’s wildly inaccurate to believe that nobody is living their life with an educated and faithful belief in God and perspective.

Wife is like this regarding her mom and dad. Hardcore Catholic.

Me, not so much.