People who....

Take forever to get ready piss me off.

in for countless posts about how easily and quickly OGers get ready

Yeah I have 2 lazy friends that take over an hour to get ready. It's maddening. 

If my wife tells me she wants to leave at 7:15 I'll hop in the shower at 7:05 and be ready to go before she is.

i take less than 30 minutes from wake up to leaving the house for work


no facial hair, no hair up top (by choice), wear same 1-2 suits or 3-4 pant/shirt combos throughout the week

it takes me about 45-60 minutes to get ready


30-35 minutes are usually on the toilet

5-10 minutes in shower

5-10 minutes getting dressed

5-10 minutes doing misc things like getting medicines and making sure i have all my work stuff

TFK_Fanboy - I wake up around 7:05 and I am out of the door by 7:30

brush teeth, shower, get dressed, put laptop in bag, pack lunch, glass of water or coffee. and that is me moving slow. I could do it in 15 and have when I sleep in to 7:15

I think he is referring to making people late or wait for them because it takes them too long.


I'm about 45-50 minutes from when I get up to being at work. Get up, shower, have a quick bite to eat and then a 7-8 minute drive to work.

You cant rush perfection.