Has anyone used them before? Had a buddy tell me about them looking for some feedback (results, pros, cons)

Thanks for the help Phone Post 3.0

peptide is just a classification of hormone
where as testosterone is a steroid (lipid based) hgh is a peptide (protein based)

Pros- getting jacked
Cons- don't have enough time in the day to bang all the chicks that will be all up on your hog Phone Post 3.0

So the peptide protein powders are basically HGH? Will it have an adverse affect as I get older? Besides a sore giant OG hog from all the bitches? Phone Post 3.0

It really depends on what you are looking for with peptides.
I used Tb500 after a back op and also ran with cjc1295 no dac and GHRP-2 at the same time. I did have awesome sleep and my skin looked good. It seemed to heal me quicker....
I have used M2 before it gave me a tan and non stop boners.
I have had mates who have used igf and it works for size.
The dosing Protocol is crazy with some people injecting 6 times a day with a ton of different peptides, they do need to be kept in the fridge as well. There also seems to be a lot of sides like cancer and organs growing and people going blind. Steroids are really the best bet for training unless your trying to beat testing. Phone Post 3.0

Check out They also have a link on facebook Phone Post 3.0

Yea I'm a competitor and was talking to some guys who were saying peptides were legal and didn't show up in testing. Don't really need anything was just curious because the bjj community at the high levels is filled with users. I'm just worried about long term effect of this stuff Phone Post 3.0