Pequeno pulls out of title fight

Pequeno has yet again cancelled a title defense, Pequeno was supposed to defend his title vs Antonio Carvalho this friday but has pulled out claiming a knee injury. Shooto decided not to play ball and is stripping Pequeno of his title as he hasn't been able to defend prior to the timelimit.

Carvalho will now take on Lion Takashi for the vacant world crown.

Shitty way to end a 7 year old championship stint. Full story coming up at

That sucks, What weightclass? 145? Get him in the UFC!

Pequeno = Tito Ortiz of 2006

143lbs. Shooto has been trying to sign Pequeno vs Melendez for the title for almost a year now, but Pequeno never were able to defend (until Melendez signed with HERO-s). Then he signed to take on Carvalho this friday, but now announces he can't fight 5 days prior to the event, and won't be able to defend for quite some time.

Shooto timelimit for title defense will be up so they took the belt back.

Wow... That sucks, man.

Lion/Carvalho is a rematch. Carvalho won a close decision in their first fight.

Article up on now.

You don't "give" the title to someone. He remains the number one contender and he fights the number 2 contender for it.