Pequeno stripped of title

For failing to defend it within 18 months.

Apparently it was also the longest belt reign in the modern MMA era, 6 years and change.

But Shooto did the right thing, by regulation aswell and Pequeno apparently was all for it too, great to hear that ontop. Pequeno has apparently had on-going problems with his knee.

Pequeno is the Tito Ortiz of 2006

He postponed the Melendez fight soooo many times. Then he signed with Heros. Melendez signs. He drops out and replaces with his brother. He signs to fight Carvalho. He drops out again

Carvalho and Lion Takeshi to fight for the vacant title

He did lose to Hiroyuki Abe and Tetsuo Katsuta during his reign as champ... but those were both non-title bouts, and he avenged both losses (impressively) within 5 months in each case during the actual title bout that each guy earned...

Kick ass Carvalho!!

Calling it a "6 year reign as champ" is just meaningless when he got beat twice in that time. Non-title fights are fucking retarded.

He did defeat Sato, Roque, Palling, Katsuta, Kadowaki and Toida. Quality wins, all of them.

Granted, the bouts that never happenned that would have answered any questions of legitamcy about his title reign were... Kid and Melendez

I'm not saying he was a bad fighter, I'm just saying that saying he had a "6 year reign as champ" is misleading nonsense.

TTT for Antonio Carvalho - soon to be the new Shooto Champion!

melendez/pequeno still NEEDS to happen

Unfortunate that Melendez never got that title shot...

LOL at comparing Pequeno's situation to Tito/Liddel.

Pequeno was apparently all for himself getting stripped and why not, the procedure followed the Shooto guidelines properly didnt it? Also, we're talking about an injury here, not ducking.

I mean even though Pequeno had at one point, Kid and Jens in his Shooto division, its not his fault they never fought either.

I doubt Pequeno would step down against any FW in the world.

His knee problems are legit, from what I hear.

No one called Kid a bitch when he pulled out of his title fight against Pequeno with an injured thumb.

Yes because after Kid dropped out. He signed with another promotion for a tourney. When he heard Pequeno was going to be in that tourney. He dropped out of it aswell and put in his brother as a replacement.

What? Hero's wasn't even around when Kid dropped out of the title fight with Pequeno. That was in 2003. Rumina was Kid's replacement, and he got choked out in a minute.

I agree. My point was that being legitimately injured is a valid excuse for pulling out of a fight. Pequeno's knee is fucked up right now, so he pulled out of the fight. What's the big deal?

"What? Hero's wasn't even around when Kid dropped out of the title fight with Pequeno. That was in 2003. Rumina was Kid's replacement, and he got choked out in a minute."

Im saying Kid dropped out a fight with Pequeno once. Pequeno postponed his title fight with Melendez twice? Then he signed with Heros. Melendez signs. Pequeno drops out and his brother takes his place. So my corny example was to illustrate that Kid never did what Pequeno has done.

Kick his ass Pato!!!!!

Melendez turned down the title bout before Pequeno ever cancelled.

Gilbert said he is focusing on 155 lbs, and another trip down to 145 is not something he looks forward to (plus, he is getting paid well at 155 in Strikforce, K-1 and ROTR... He is moving past the 143 lbs SHOOTO belt)