Percentage of Asian vs Black Docs

You would think from watching ER or Grey's Vagina...I mean Anatomy that Black male doctors and Asian Female doctors are everywhere and lusting to bone one another.

The Truth however is that of a

Asian Population of 11,870,000 in the US 105,000 Asians hold MDs with over 58% of those being male.

The Black Population of 36,121,000 only about 50,000 hold MDs of those around 43% are male.

So even though there are almost twice as many Asian Doctors than there are black doctors, whens the last time you saw a TV "doctor show" with a Asian male Doctor and without a Black male one?

Thats right you haven't.

And even though there are about a 25% more Asian male doctors. You would think that they never existed and that only Asian FMs were becoming docs so they could riding the BBD of Miekia Phiffer or Isiah Washington. Just another distortion of reality and big ol crock of shit by hollywood.

it's cuz asian females are hot and asian males are not.

My girlfriend thinks Jin from "Lost" is hot. I can't hardly think of other examples of Asian men on TV.

I think Dr. J started the trend of famous black male doctors. Whilst many black men were content with low IQ professions such as athletetics, he was out getting his doctorate. A true pioneer.

Maybe Asians are the more quiet type but it does show how skewed the media portrays life.

In the UK almost all doctors and nurses are white with a few token ethnics. If you have seen the NHS than you'll realise it looks like Brazil.

ER/Gray's has had every type of freaking Minority in the world with exception of an Asian Male.

There are more Asian Males in the world than any other type, yet somehow they are invisible.