Perceptions about WandxMariano

I finally had a chance to watch this fight tonight. I'd heard quite a bit about it in the past, but just hadn't gotten around to seeing it.

Silva really took it to Mariano - but was ultimately the victim of his own aggressive nature. Why throw headbutts when they are so prone to causing cuts? You certainly aren't going to KO anyone standing with a KO in the clinch.

The copy I saw was a bit poor in quality, but it seems that those same headbutts by Silva caused the cut that ended up stopping the fight, and a loss on his record.

What do you guys think?

Man I haven't seen that fight in a long time. Yeah, a lot of those Brazilian Vale Tudos were so brutal with the headbutts. I seen many fights where guys cut themselves and end up losing on the cut. Remember during the 2nd Macaco vs. Pele fight? Pele was getting trashed, Macaco was even headbutting the back of Pele's head when he had the rear mount. He ended up losing even though he dominated the entire fight.

I'm pretty sure Vanderlei is over that loss by now though. Who knows where that guy he "lost" to is now.

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