Peripheral Vision

Question for Ray Floro,

Hi! Remember me? I'm training regularly now with Mang Romy's kid and he introduced the method of using your peripheral vision against your opponent. First time I sparred with him, I couldn't figure out why he wasn't looking at me. After he explained it, I started using this method on our next training sessions and my reaction time has increased by three-fold.

Question: Do you use it too? Rom told me that it doesn't work for some people and it is a very subjective technique.

Kumusta Pare,

Yep!!!! I do use it occassionally when I feel cheeky!

The reason for this is that it helps NOT to telegraph your intentions......

I also do the opposite where for example I purposely look at someones feet, then I slam them in the face.

Another reason we "developed" this is that Tatang used to love eye having you face turned to the side already keeps the eyes out of target...

Hey.........tell Rom Rom to contribute here, we would love to hear from him.


Hi Ray,

Unfortunately, Rom Rom's very busy right now with work. He has work even on weekends kaya Sat afternoon is the only time we could train. Due to his hectic schedule, he had to completely stop training BJJ with our team. hence, I doubt if he has time to lurk in these forums.

Turuan mo na lang sya mag pick-up ng mga bebot ... hehe


Mahina yata ng bata naatin!! :-)