Perosh in Brisbane this sat (13th)

Clay I don't like Matt period. COUTURE was yearrrrrrrs ago. Correct me if I am wrong but did he teach at that point? I'm all ears though if you want to name any non Will Machado grappling based stuff he has supported, seminar wise.

Anyway, the guy wants to run his mouth and call me a pussy. He is more than welcome to prove such.

Weight loss was primarily through stress on the Hector deal :) But regardless getting back into stuff. Even did a little bit in Tokyo today. I'm just a near 40yr old fat man though with minimal training, but more than willing to put it to the test with him in the ring.


yeah Coture was years ago 2000 I believe, and he was here for 3 hours ONLY. It cost $200 .... 15 min of which you wasted. I dont think you payed to attend?

Matt has hosted seminars for John wayne Parr, all the money went to him. and why would he want to host other Jiu Jitsu guys?
I am sure their affiliates would rather do it themselves. Oh I went to 2 Lima seminars, I like Perosh better, a matter of preference.

He has supported the other names mentioned by getting his students to go,and pay their hard earned bucks.

be careful what you wish for......

Clay, I wasted 15 mins of the couture seminar? Adress the matter to him as he invited me.

Be careful what I wish for?????


Nothing wrong with posting about seminars here - otherwise people could miss out on good opportunities!!! (That's my excuse :) )

PS The pizza is a winner! Why can't people focus on the good things like that?

yeah,you prattled on about matchmaking, no one was interested. After you left Randy said... who the fuck was that?

I'm sure he did Clay.

  1. I left with him

  2. He (to my knowledge) has never sworn in his life

Why the fuck lie??????


well I saw him leave with Cameron if you were there I didnt see you. And he may not of said fuck, but thats what i left an hour or so before the end, you may have come back, I didnt see you after.

Clay, you are an OK guy. My issue is with the freakozoid.


Imagine - fat / coward / only fought a work (his words) embarreses Matt PLAYBOY Cooper. I'll even wear a kimoni to give the liitle bitch a chance.

I can nbot even begin to stress the peverse joy that enters my mind visualising him screaming like a red headed step child as I pound his pewee herman looking head throught the canvas!


Oh I wont miss it for the world lol

can you defend the guillotine yet justin?

Sorry Im late, went to training for once :(

Firstly I would like to apologize!

For being part of this thread losing its topic that is.

Justin, the weight comment was a tongue in cheek remark to your rediculous comments. I am also 102kgs, and at 6 foot, have body by office, so was just a off the cuff remark, I imagined you wouldnt care less about. Also all the best to hector, i honestly wish him the best, he seems like a really down to earth guy.

Now back to the topic, AP seminar, I may be a lowly white belt, but I dont care what belt level you are or who you are, you can learn crafty little things from anyone, and would recommend this seminar to all.

TTT for Perosh.


Oops sorry for getting carrried away there.


I too would reccomend the seminar, Ross.  TTT for AP.  I hope he makes a $$$

Honestly, I REALLY wanna fight COOPER. 

I am not a MMA fighter, nor do I have any aspirations of being so.  I just want to hit him in the face and see him scream when I doi it.  He calls me a coward and challenges my manhood.

The simple resolution is we fight..

I am in Japan and have the opportunity to train for this, so lets do it!


I love simple solutions!



fat coward / worked fights / no training in 10 yrs



ps does Hugh HEFFNER live with his mommy???

"Matt, you be interested in a fight old school UFC rules? With me of
Juggs can run the minicam and the winner can take the tape.


How the fack does ole Juggs get wacked into this??!!! Either way I'm
down to film said beating, keep the tape myself, laugh as I exit said
venue, then upload it to "that" site for all to see.

Venue? Time? name 'em and I'm there.

  • Juggs


I figure you are nuetral.......sorta


Make it happen ppl, all $$$ made from this fight if any could go to a charity like the Star Light Foundation or to Sophie Delizio sp? who's parents could sure use some money. So in the end there's no looser only winners.

forget chrity.

loser leaves town

I am that CONFIDENT i'll put my $2700/month lease on the line.

I lose team Xtreme doors shut. Madam mouiselle looses he shuts doors.

That don't suit bragging rights suits fine.


this is just like an australian episode of the ultimate fighter....

*waits for justin/ken to say "i am going to beat you into a living death"