personal achievement

I'd once again hit a low point in my motivation and it was pulling me down and I was noticing a backwards trend. I wasn't happy with this..but today I managed to do something I never thought I'd be able to do.

My trainer started me on regluar dips last week. He told me how impressed he was because as a female for my first attempt I actually managed to do some, on my own, with good form.

Well today, on my second round of doing them... I managed to get all 5 sets of 5 on my own.

Its seems somewhat of a small achievement on one hand..but on the other.. HUGE for me. Its given me back the drive to continue reaching for my ultimate goal.

Thanks for letting me share. This forum has helped me so many times in the past. :)

That's awesome! Getting out of the slump is just like getting into it: You're sticking with a particular train of thought and not letting it go! Keep it positive and there's nothing you can't accomplish!

Keep training hard and make sure you keep us posted.


Thanks SCRAPPER! :)

I've been in the slump for about 3 weeks.. so I'm happy to be excited again.

good job LO :)

That's bitchin. I don't know many fems that can do that.


Good work little one. We all have our moments, and it's great when we get by them!

Any female that can do 5 sets of 5 dips falls into the sexy category.

Thank you guys.. seriously. :)

Any female that can do 5 sets of 5 dips falls into the sexy category. Agreed. Great job little one!

Pretty cool!

Congrats! That's really impressive! :)

And it reminded me that I need to kick myself out of my own slump over here... I think I need some more definative goals. Like perhaps trying 5x5 dips? hmm... Thanks!

hey pointpixie.. long time no chat. :) I hope all is going well for you!!

Nice work.. one of my favorite exercises.

Keep on.

hey little one!

Yes, it did indeed take me this long to read your post. :P

Up till about a week ago I was doin' good. Unfortunately I seem to have messed up a knee. Not good, although I really have no idea what is wrong so I'm (on the advice of my doctor) just doing nothing for two weeks to see what happens. ARGH!!

All things are well (and apparently very strong) in your world? :)

Congrats always good when you get the drive to go and hit hard again :D

So what is your next goal?


hey, PP, good to see you're still around.

PP I hope your knee heals fast!

I'm doing fairly well. The workouts are still going strong.

My motivation is still up from the last time I posted on this thread and I'm starting to see results again..which is making me want to continue to push.

Koing - my next biggest goal is with my squat. I do butt to heal squats and I want to be able to do 200lbs. I'm at 175 for 3 right now but my trainer has me on a new program to change things up for a bit and shock my muscles. I'll get there though!!

Thanks guys! It's always nice to be missed :)

And congratulations again Little One on your training momentum - sounds like you're doing great!

I see little one.  Btw i thought you were a guy in college right?  I remember reading some of your posts on the OG?  But your a girl? wtf?!  Not been on the OG for a while though...

Thats good.  200lbs is great going for a girl.  I want 352lbs by the end of the year and I am pretty dam confident I can hit it :D.  The Ultimate being 440lb for a triple full OL depth :P


That's little guy btw.