Personal beliefs are not an inalienable right

People are only free to believe what they want to believe until they attempt to coerce others into believing it. It’s been like this throughout the history of mankind. Hitler was free to be a nazi until he attempted to spread nazism through out Europe.

Gay fag

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You are free to believe that until you attempt to coerce me into believing it at which point I am no longer personally responsible for what happens to you.

I remember when I used to post here drunk and/or stoned.

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That’s why they use the state and their guns to do it.

Yes. Force is a form of coercion.

Everyone tell this man what he is.

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This is a contrarian projection. Your psychological profile is rather primitive.

I believe in swordfish

I love you

Amen to that.

I don’t agree. I’m entitled to my beliefs and opinions and I’m entitled to speak them, and to support them. My rights end when I am using force against your person or your property. I can speak my beliefs, you dumb fucking asshole.

I believe @NiteProwleR

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Trust me, if I made a potential list of NiteProwler believers, you would be on it.

I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean…

It’s like playing Roulette but you already know it’s going to land on black.