Personal details of 500mil. Android users at risk

Personal details of 500million Android users at risk: Researchers find it is impossible to completely clear data from handset when changing phone

  • Emails, texts, pictures, videos and apps can all be accessed after full wipe
  • Up to 630million phones don't wipe internal SD cards when phone is reset
  • Researchers say the issue may limit growth in the phone and app market 

That's why the only way to properly dispose of an old phone is to burn it, shatter it into a million pieces, then throw it in a lake. 

This is why I keep all my old phones safely up my ass. You can never bee too careful about preventing identity theft. Phone Post 3.0

I turned my old phones into nunchuks...

I sold all my old phones to a guy who goes by the pseudonym "Mental".

Seemed like a stand up dude. I'm pretty sure my info is safe.