Personal magnetism

Personal magnetism

"And the people all tried to touch him, because power was coming from him and healing them all." ( Luke, 6:19 )

In actuality today, we observe a Pleiades of eminent spiritualists spreading various concepts relative to personal magnetism, with great astonishment, as if we were actually experiencing the genuine events of the nineteenth century.

This service of investigation and dissemination of the occult powers of individuals represents a valuable contest in the work of the present and future education; however, it is important to recall that the edification is not new.

Jesus, in His passage through this planet, represented individualized sublimity of personal magnetism, in His expression substantially Divine. Individuals would dispute over His enchanting presence, the multitude would follow His steps, touched with unique admiration. Almost all the people wanted to touch His clothing. Radiations of love emanated from Him, which would neutralize recalcitrant illnesses. The Master spontaneously produced a climate of peace, which would reach anyone who enjoyed His presence.

If you are seeking an easier path for the true blossoming of your psychic potential, it is logical, therefore, to take advantage of the experience that the earthly instructors offer you, in that sense; but, do not forget the examples and the vivid demonstrations of Jesus.

If you intend to attract, it is imperative, first, to know how to love. If you desire to achieve legitimate influence on Earth, sanctify yourself through the influence of Heaven.

Our daily bread - Emmanuel - Francisco C Xavier.