Personal MMA training in Orlando

Are there any MMA trainers here w/ 5+ years exp that offer personalized training? I've done some academy training before and now rely on training solo- bags, dummy drills, etc. (I'm a busy businessman and am not able to attend regularly scheduled classes).

Please contact me at if you are able to train in the evenings/weekends.



 Are you looking for privates lessons or looking to pay mat fees for nightly gyms?

Its going to be hard to find someone with that experience who doesn't train already during the evenings or willing to get togther on the weekends imo.

Private sessions but in a matted setting. I have a few mats in my garage but it's a pretty cramped space.They don't have to be a pro just an expert. I'm interested in refining a mix of G&P, MT, and BJJ.

That's far too much for my budget. 1-2 hr a week, twice a month at the most.

Thanks though

I have a few candidates to choose from- I'll let you know if I decide to go with your offer.


PM sent- thanks!

Please note that I'm not necessarily looking to be taught by a professional fighter. Someone at an advanced skill level with good coaching skills would be fine- even if they're not at the top of their field.

I'm looking to enhance my current skill levels and perhaps regains some of my form (it's been awhile since I've trained with anybody).