Personal Tactics NYC - Open House

Hey, I just got a call from a new Sayoc/FMA school opening in NYC, and he's doing an open house. I've never met the instructor, but I thought some of you might be interested in checking it out.

Personal Tactics
40 W13th St., Apt 5
May 20th, 6-8pm

He said Chris Sayoc would be there and they'd be doing a little instruction or a demo.
I'm going because I always like checking out schools, and I've wanted to meet Chris.

e.kaye, want to go check it out?

Who is the instructor?

I met Sayoc a long time ago.

I think it's Andreas Badian.
I've only seen anyone doing Sayoc in vidclips off the net, so I'm interested in learning more. What I've seen looks pretty cool.
Although, I doubt I'd be changing schools anytime soon.

Give me a ring. I thought that I told you about this stuff.

Cool. Lots of meetings today. I'll try and call later.


ahhh, true love at work :-)

Calling e.kaye from work cracks me up, because at some point, I wind up saying something like, "Right, if you're going to sever a muscle in his neck, why not just move over a couple inches and stab an artery? Bam, game over."
It's only been a few times, but I wonder what the guy in the next cube thinks.
Whoops, here comes building security...

"It's only been a few times, but I wonder what the guy in the next cube thinks."

He thinks that I better not piss of Willybone.


So, I went last night and met Andreas, Chris Sayoc's son (Paul?), and some of the Atienza folks.
First, the space is his apartment, but that's not a knock. It's spacious with lots of mat space, nicer than some store front schools I've seen.
Andreas did a Sayoc demo (the 3 of 9 template) with a 4 month student of his. I like to judge a school by its students, and this one did look smooth and knowledgable about the drill.
He's also teaching Atienza there. Guro Chris Atienza did a demo of that style with Andreas and other students. Very impressive stuff.

He's charging $150/month for 2 hours classes 2 times a week.