Personality Dictates Fighting Style-Video Podcast

On this episode of "The Clinch" video podcast here:

we discuss how fighting styles (boxer, boxer-puncher, pressure fighter and counter fighter) mirror one's personality and talk about how priceless confidence is to winning. Watch the episode which includes video of our sparring matches, which we analyze and use to discuss the difference between strategy and tactics. A special thanks to the "Heavy Hands" podcast for inspiring several of the discussion points on this episode.

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Timeline of the episode's topics:
15:40-Exploring fighting styles/archetypes
23:33-Commentary to Rico vs. Ali sparring video
30:50-Comparing strategies vs. tactics
43:00-Keys to beating taller opponents
47:40-Commentary to Jimin vs. Ali sparring video
1:00:53-Pre-emptive head movement vs. reflexes, commentary to Rico vs. Jimin sparring video
1:04:34-Post-analysis of Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquaio
1:19:20-Commentary to Rico beating Jimin sparring video
1:22:00-Inside vs. outside motivation
1:32:56-Coming to peace with hard sparring, commentary to Jimin vs. Ali sparring video II
1:38:53-The need to be extra competitive to be a champion
1:49:00-Importance of confidence in fighting

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