Personality Parade on UFC

Walter Scott's Personality Parade(in the newspaper) had a question about the UFC last Sunday:

Q:What is your opinion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship bouts that are becoming the favorite bloodsport in Las Vegas and on TV?

A: We agree with Sen John McCain, who called that type of sport "a human cockfight". It should be banned.

So I posted a response on their forum:

It is sad to see that years after the Ultimate Fighting Championships adopt rules sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission there are still supposedly responsible journalists misrepresenting this sport.

Some facts: There is no biting, eye gouging,hair pulling,kicking a downed opponent,groin striking, or any other "dirty" fighting techniques allowed. You can't even twist fingers. Techniques that are allowed are a combination of kickboxing and grappling rules that emphasize the safety of the athletes. Consequently, there have been few major injuries and no deaths in the U.S. due to mixed martial arts competitions, a record which puts boxing to shame. Boxing is responsible directly for over 500 deaths(check the records on both of these points)since records of such things have been kept. A fighter named Doug Dredge died in the Ukraine from blows to the head received in an MMA fight. It was then found that he had ignored a doctors order to not fight due to a recent concussion. The UFC requires an exam that would have prevented him from ever fighting. This is the only known death in MMA in 70 years of this sort of fighting taking place in Brazil and Japan, often with much less restrictive rules.

In closing I would ask that you check with Sen. McCain before you use him to support your position on this subject again. He has changed his view with the times. I hope the same can be said for you once you educate yourself. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have, I would be happy to enlighten you.

There is no law, I am the law!

RX, I recall you being a good poster, but I don't think you're doing anything to help the matter. The guy is entitled to his opinion. To his defense, he doesn't make any factual errors. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for your response.

It's already been established that you incorrectly named the fatality in Russia.

Secondly, your assertation that "there is no biting, eye gouging,hair pulling,kicking a downed opponent,groin striking, or any other "dirty" fighting techniques allowed" presents problems.

Rich Franklin kicked a downed Edwin DeWeese in the body in their fight and it wasn't a problem... I don't see it listed amond banned techniques on the UFC site either. You can kick to the legs of a downed opponent, of course, we see that in practically every UFC.

Further, "dirty fighting" is a matter of opinion. Lots of people find any striking of a downed opponent to be "dirty."

Finally, exactly how much MMA was happening in 1936?

LOL at "I'd be happy to enlighten you", do you honestly expect to change anyone's opinions with cracks like that?


My bad for misspelling Mr. Dedge's name. I was depending on memory, not the best idea.

If you go to,click on the Walter Scott's Personality Parade link, then find the April 23rd edition. you'll see some responses. You have to sign up to respond. If you do, keep it factual and civil please. Let's not reinforce a knuckle-dragger stereotype with the opposition. My post was not up yet last I looked, I imagine they screen.

There's quite a few posts up but I didn't see yours.


hackett, leaving one letter out of his name affects my point not at all.

NHB fights have been going on in Brazil for that long.If you read the post, I make that clear.

Perhaps I should have stated that kicking to a downed opponents head was illegal. Again, not as critical to my point as you would have it.

It's not "dirty fighting". there are rules and they are followed.

LOL at your critique of my post. He definately needs enlightening, and my slight factual errors do not diminish the validity of my point. Please feel free to e-mail him to point out the error of my ways. ;P

"NHB fights have been going on in Brazil for that long.If you read the post, I make that clear."

How much do you know about those fights, and their safety records? I honestly want to know. How many fights were going on and what was the safety record?

Please tell me you have more that just a Helio Gracie interview where he describes half a dozen fights in the 1930s, and the Gracie Jiu Jitsu in Action footage from the 1970s.


Didn't McCain come out and say he supported the UFC?

I keep getting mixed information on whether McCain is on board or not.

UG'er Cryptic posted on another thread:

"In his last interview, I think it was played when the UFC was on ESPN "Behind The Lines" or FSN "Beyond The Glory". McCain knows they made changes, but still did not support it. I don't think he came out and said it should be banned, but it was implied."


Good job Racer!

Well hackett, I think a constructive way for you to approach this subject would be to go to his site and post all your corrections. Feel free to tell Mr. Scott that you feel smarter than me. j/k But do add your voice to mine in educating him rather than attempt to do so for me.

Dear Mr Scott;

I read with great interest your response to a reader's inquiry about the Ultimate Fighting Championship and am disappointed to find myself in disagreement with you.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship may seem like senseless mayhem, but it's actually an intricate sport with a great amount of safeguards to protect its athletes. Contrary to what is sometimes reported in the media, there are several rules in place and the entire event is sanctioned by our states' athletic commisions. The sport is peopled by top athletes in many sports, including Olympic silver medalist in wrestling Matt Lindland. It combination of different martial arts disciplines has attracted fans all over the world.

Similar to boxing, the event's referees are well trained and stop a bout immediately when a fighter can no longer intellegently defend himself. A quick look at UFC's website and you will see that unlike a so-called "bloodsport", striking the groin, gouging the eyes, and the like are strictly prohibited.

A further look at the UFC will reveal a safety record that exceeds that of any boxing commission. While many fighters tragically die in the sport of boxing, no fatalities or major injuries have occured in the Ultimate Fighting Championship events.

I hope take a closer look at the sport and reconsider your stance. Thanks for taking the time to read a letter from a longtime reader. Also, please note that I am more intellegent than Racer X.


Thomas Hackett

we should write our senators to get the magazine banned

Good job Racer!

good job man, I expected a lot less mature response. I should memorize that for all the future ignorants I come across.

Thanks, HHH ;)

I sent that to Mr Scott, minus the crack about RX of course.


Well done, Mr. Hackett.

There is something ironic in claiming to be more intelligent than me and misspelling intelligent. j/k

Glad we agree that it is Mr. Scott that needs educating! With enough input on something like this, he might print a retraction. He's done it before.