Perth MMA Success!!!!!!!!!!!!

The MMA matches in Perth last night were a huge success with the crowd really getting into it. Tom Burns made a great showing but the ref stopped the match in favour of ROOTS JIU JITSU new comer Marc Oakes. My fight with Mat Kuhn was (at the risk of being immodest) a great fight. I think everyone enjoyed it and was really excited. Mat hit me harder than I have ever been hit. He did a great job. There is absolutely no shame in his performance. With a bit more jiu jitsu experience he will be a pounding, KOing, MMA machine. I just want to thank everyone who supported the fight: Promoter Justin Boylan, Ref Dean Williams (I hope I got that right), My coach Paulo Guimaraes, My Family, My friend and Inspiration Royce Gracie, and ESPECIALLY all of the guys at ROOTS JIU JITSU PERTH. I love you guys you are the best! TTT for ROOTS 2-0 in MMA.

P.S. Gerald, I thought I recognised you when you came up after the fight but I didnt expect to see you so it through me off. Its good to see you anyway.

Will got Matt's arm on the end of the 1st round from the guard, in a triangle attempt Matt tried to scape and Will switched to the arm making him tap. Marc took Tom down on the beginning of the second round mounted end unleashed a long sequence of punches from that position until the ref stop the fight.

I was there and your fight Will was definatly fight of the night. It lived up to the expectation. Kuhn put up a great fight and it was close. Props for your great perfomance.

Hopefully next time we can just have a full MMA fight night.

Hey Will,

Big congratulations mate! Very impressive debut MMA fight. I know you can grapple (tapped me at 02 Pan Pacs) but I wondered how you would go in MMA as it can be a hard transition. Very impressed, Mat Kuhn hit you like a truck and you kept your cool and got the submission. I'm sure bigger opportunities await both of you.

Mat showed some great striking and ringcraft and could have taken the fight also. Look forward to seeing him again, he came to fight.

The other MMA fight was also excellent! Marc and Tom put on a gutsy fight which also could have gone either way until Marc got a solid mount and unleashed some good punches to finish the match by ref stoppage.

Totally enjoyed the Kickboxing, Andrea Baker just kept dropping that big right hand till he connected, some other great fights also.

Can't wait to see the next show, very exciting for MMA fans in Perth.



Great show for MMA in Perth. Congradulations to Tommy, Matt, Will and Mark for a great display of our sport. Special mention to Tommy for having a go with a very limited ground experience, and to Will for getting the arm bar in a not to consciuos state. After Matt tagged Will with a great right cross, I had two very experienced Martial Artists yelling over my shoulder" he's out, he's out" when he hit the deck. Both were amazed when Will got the armbar, to say the least.