Pete Sell: Georges St. Pierre is a "mental midget"

Pete Sell, recovering from a torn labrum that's kept him sidelined for more than five months, will corner friend Matt Serra during his UFC 83 title defense with Georges St. Pierre, and he had some less-than-flattering things to say about the popular Canadian fighter.

"GSP is an awesome athlete," Sell told "He has all the tools to dominate, but he is a mental midget. His mentality is very weak."

Sell's harsh critique could be the result of St. Pierre's comments after his April 2007 loss to Serra, one of the biggest upsets in MMA history. Sell took offense to the way St. Pierre "flip-flopped" when it came to justifying the loss.

"He is a very nice guy and I have hung out with him, but I don't like the way he flip-flopped after the first fight with Serra," Sell said. "GSP was cool right after the fight, but about five weeks afterwards, he started making excuses saying he didn't train properly, then GSP retracted and said Serra was the better man that night. Well what was it?

"I don't like how his story changed."

Serra and St. Pierre, whose relationship was once characterized as a respectful rivalry, took a turn for the worse after the comments by St. Pierre. Spurned also by St. Pierre's claims that he took the fight lightly and only decided to fight through an injury because he figured he could win anyway, Serra went on the offensive. He's never shied away from giving his honest opinions about "Frenchie" during recent interviews.

The rivalry has created a lot of hype for their UFC 83 main event fight, which takes place April 19 at Montreal's Bell Centre.

St. Pierre has the home-field advantage, but Sell doubts it'll be a factor.

"I believe that all the pressure is on GSP, especially considering he is fighting in front of his countrymen," Sell said. "Serra thrives on the pressure and likes the underdog role. Matt Serra is all heart, and GSP is the type of guy that if they were in a bar, GSP would back down from a fight while Serra is down for whatever."

In the interview, Sell (7-4 MMA, 1-4 UFC) also confirmed that he's making a move down to welterweight. Sell competed as a middleweight on a "comeback" season of "The Ultimate Fighter 4" and has dropped three straight fights at the weight class since then.

Sell is currently signed to a deal with the UFC, and his contract was extended six months because of his injury.

I can tell... Listen to him talk. Pshh.


WTF is going on with these threads?

hey pete sell, 2007 called they want their false assumption back...

saying GSP is mentally weak is about as credible as saying he has a glass chin.

"Heddy - WTF is going on with these threads?"

I have no idea, somehow my post went above yours...

Sell dropping to WW? Craziness.

Hahaha i don't know about GSP's chin, but what demonstrates his 'mental weakness'? His narrow victory over BJ Penn after getting busted up? What exactly has he done to make him a mental midget? Getting armbarred by Matt Hughes? Getting KTFO by Serra? Is Matt Hughes mentally weak for getting armbarred by GSP? Is Sean Sherk mentally weak for getting Gnp'ed by GSP?

LMAO at Pete Sell calling somebody a "mental midget."

 I always thought it sounded like Pete Sell was saying "bwo" instead of bro when he was on TUF.  "Think about it, bwo."

I can't support anyone who does something as scandalous as this.



Drago is the damn man.

GSP would destroy sell at 170 or 185

Pete "Mensa" Sell

Sell would be a pretty big WW.

 serra is a physical midget

LOL @ trying to bust GSP's chops then move to the same weight class.

Is that as "mentally weak" as losing 3 straight and dropping to WW, Bwo?


Well stated, sir.


Looks like Sell's remarks have back fired on him, lol.

New photo of Serra and Sell sparring:

If true, GSP would have beaten Hughes either time. He would not have come out and beat a top guy like Kos in his first fight after a huge loss and outwrestled one of the best wrestlers in MMA.