Pete Sell guest security guard on Jerry Springer

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                                Pete Sell guest security guard on Jerry Springer

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Pete Sell to Serve as Guest Security Guard on 'Jerry Springer Show'

Pete Sell, who hasn't competed since his first-round loss to Matt Brown at UFC 96 in March, will make his return to a television near you on an upcoming episode of The Jerry Springer Show. "Drago" will serve as a guest security guard on the episode, which was taped on Tuesday in Connecticut, and will air in the coming weeks.

"It's going to be funny, man. I'm going to be singing "Jerry" with everybody else," Sell told FanHouse on Tuesday prior to the taping.

"I don't watch it religiously, but the running gets boring sometimes, you know, you're going on those long 45 minute to 1 hour runs, so I'll definitely have that on sometimes to laugh at the chaos that is going on there."

The Jerry Springer Show has been known to feature some intense brawls, but Sell said he isn't worried about getting hurt.

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