Pete Sell vs. Kris McCray at Ring of Combat!

Drago makes his return to the cage for the first time since UFC 96!

Awesome to see Drago back! Event is Ring of Combat XXXVI on June 17th.

Great to see Drago back!

Ttt for Drago! Phone Post

ttt for my boy Drago! He's the coolest fighter I've ever met.

Sweet. I hope he wins.

Big fight for McCray right after getting cut.

Pete is a cool guy.

Love Pete Sell. What weight is this at? 170?



That's one long layoff but I think Drago can pull this off. Hopefully he's going to find his way back into the Zuffa business Phone Post

Drago is cool as hell in person

 War DRAGO !!

best of luck to him. I remember his fight with Baroni - nobody gave him a chance.


sweet Phone Post




always been a drago fan and always will be, good to see you back pete. This cat always brings it and it should be a good fight.

Thats a tough fight for a long layoff, but good to see Pete back in action.