Pete Sell's opponents = not good

I am NOT saying that Pete Sell isn't good.

I have gone to Sherdog and looked up his record. His opponents aren't exactly the kind who can test a fighter to ensure he's up to snuff. Of the three that he has fought, the last two (same guy) is 1 and 3 and the one before that is 0 and 3.

Zuffa missed a real chance to sign a Team Potato fighter to send Baroni off from the UFC.

They obviously want to keep Baroni, I would have liked to see them put Phil against someone who will smash his face in but I think he'll beat Drago which will probably earn him a title shot, yay!

I haven't seen Pete Sell fight. I'm sure he's quite good.

However, he hasn't been battle tested in real MMA competition, IN MY OPINION.

neither had baroni when he got his shot.

Well there you go, then.

Ring of Combat fighters don't have a very stellar record in the UFC. Dana only brings them in cause their cheap.

Rockel had no problems with Liguori and St. Pierre damn near killed Hieron.

I'm sorry, and I know its apples and oranges, but I cant gotta start a career somewhere.


1990-05-31 Jouvin Mercado 1-1-0 WIN

1990-05-18 Eddie Tyler 7-8-0 WIN

1990-04-26 Keith Gray 0-0-0 WIN

1990-02-22 Greg Paige 1-1-0 WIN

1988-10-11 Clinton Mitchell 0-0-0 LOSS

That 4 win 1 loss record...........was the start of Bernard Hopkins '2004's PPD best' boxing career. LOL. Yup he lost his 1st bout of his career. Those were his opposition at the time.........I just so happened to be lookin over his upcoming bout with Eastman. ;)

It is apples and oranges, but Hopkins didn't fight on PPV cards until much later than those fights. Further, he wasn't ready for PPV cards until much later.

MMA careers are much short lived. There arent too many Jeremy Horns running around. And ONLY the elite boxers ever get on PPV. ESPN is a task at times..........although recent surge in boxing has enabled Pulver 4 round bouts on ESPN undercards for what I imagine isnt much money. Imagine Tim Sylvia embarking on a boxing career. It would take him how many bouts.....15...and all wins, before he got any kind of a shot at PPV Undercard TV exposure. Its not like this is a headliner.

Its all relative, but IMO 5-0 in MMA is alot like 15-0 in boxing. But I totally understand your point as I'm sure you follow my reasoning as well. The only shame would be if the kid didnt make the most of his opportunity. Not saying losing is shamefull, b/c everyone loses, but if he just came in outa shape and layed down. I dont think that will happen, so I think he can prove his worthiness. Surely there is always someone better, esp in MMA, but they chose this kid. Lets just hope they see something good in him.

holy smoke Drago is fighting Baroni !! Ninja please Drago is awesome He also beat Ted Gevola who is good.Drago has awesome subs and heavy hands and comes to fight.Great rivalry for Long Island heck now I may have to go to Vegas !!

Check again, Sherdog's records are not very accurate. You should check Full Contact Fighter's database. Much more accurate.

Exactly. The dude is tough and, as I said, the Sherdog records are lacking accuracy to put it mildly. I like this match up. We (Sell and I) beat the crap out of each other the whole fight and nobody likes to get into wars like I do.

Another good point. We went at 100 mph for pretty much the whole fight and Baroni has showed wind problems before. That could also be a factor.

Drago vs Govola was an awesome fight!
Baroni is in for an war!!
Better not take drago lightly, he might get hurt!!!

Best of luck to Drago.

Who says Ted Govola isn't exactly good. That was a tough fight for Sell. It went to decision for Christ's sake. Get a clue. Sell vs. Baroni is a great one. I predict Baroni will retire after this one.

Baroni will win by ko. I don't think Drago can take him down.

Drago 2005 DGAF

Baroni easy, bottom line.

Doesnt Hieron run with Baroni? Drago has much better skills. He could have been in the UFC before. He waited for an opportunity like this. What away to start by taking out the "baddest guy on the block"