Pete Spratt vs. Chris Lytle jan 2

great match up eh

If it stays standing. If it goes to the ground I think Lytle could put him away pretty easy.

Lytle impressed the hell out of me against Lawler.

Fast hands and a solid chin.

Should be a barnburner :)

Lytle by Tko

Lytle by submission.

Pete by TKO

Good luck Pete!

I'll take ... oh wait I can't weigh in on this .. Damn

Well at least it will be a good fight . The whole card looks good though .

what event is this taking place ??


U.S. Shooto, not Japan. Karo Parisyan was originally supposed to be facing Lytle, then it got changed to Hallman and now Spratt. Spratt/Lytle is the best matchup of the 3 anyway. It Lytle doesn't take it to the mat, it'll be a hell of a striking battle... Lytle's hands vs Spratt's kicks and knees.

Alex Steibling and Steve Berger are both on the same card too I think.

going to be a real strike fest

How did Spratt take it when he was told that he was being replaced by St Pierre in UFC 46?