Peter is Done

just lost a majority decision that should have been a UD to Eddie Chambers. Looked totally out of it the whole fight and didn't throw a single serious punch the whole time, not to mention he only landed 19% of his punches

Klitchko broke him mentally, looks like to me. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he retires

how much did he weigh. i always felt before the klit fight if he would have whipped himself down to about 230 he would have been unbeatable.

265, the heaviest of his career. i really think he's just given up, which suits me fine because i don't like him at all


 Klits put a long, drawn out beating on him.  You know Peter was cursing his own granite chin.

i don't think his chin is granite. McCline didn't have any trouble hurting him anyway

Peter baffles me. Guy has so much power and ability. Then he just gets out of shape. I think the K brothers did run through him and finish him mentally.

What's weird is his chin. He showed a solid one vs. Wlad. In the 12th round, Wlad hit him with a massive left hook that would've floored anyone and Peter wavered but came back swinging. I have the theory that sometimes one rough fight can use up a guy's lives, and I think that fight did in a way....and whatever he had left Vitali knocked out of him. It's too bad, because Peter is a huge puncher and those don't come along too often. The division needs them.

Peter is a huge puncher because he's huge. I personally have always thought he was completely over rated, so watching him bitch out comes as no surprise

what's his claim to fame really? 2 wins over Toney? People just get excited about him because he's young and big, and overlook the fact that he didn't learn to jab til 4 fights ago, or that half his knockdowns come from hitting people in the back of the head

Plus he headhunts way too much

there's not that many HWs with great skills though. I think he could do well if he could get his head together, but i'm not sure he will