Peter Popoff

Saw his infomercial the other night. Wasn't this guy exposed a long time ago?

never heard of him

"Saw his infomercial the other night. Wasn't this guy exposed a long time ago?"

Yes. Popoff was (is) a very popular, well known Evangelistic preacher (if I've got his title right)
with significant TV coverage at the height of his fame. He'd astonish attendees by taking people on stage and "divining" the person's illness as if God was telling him what was wrong with the person. However he was just repeating information on the dupe that his wife had gained from pre-interviews with people outside the event, before the show began. She'd write down the info and those people were sat to be chosen by Popoff. When the people walked on stage his wife just relayed the information she'd gained to a wireless little ear phone in Popoff's ear. Everyone believed Popoff was receiving his amazingly accurate information from God.

He was exposed on the show 20/20 (I think) were they actually filmed Popoff and intercepted the transmissions so you could hear what his wife was telling him, and then you watched him play it as if he was receiving the information from God.

Two things about this: 1. This is typically the result when critical investigation is focused on specific claims of supernatural "powers" - they never hold up. 2. No matter what the evidence, people's will to believe what they want to believe will go on.
Popoff still has a substantial following.


Popoff has been debunked:

I'm just amazed that there are still a lot of people who believe in him.

Holy Crap! I don't know what this is about, but some guy named "Peter Popoff" was "exposed"?! LOL!!!