Peter Wang - Posthumously Accepted to WEST POINT             (blue please)



he U.S. Military Academy at West Point is posthumously admitting Florida school shooting victim Peter Wang, who dreamed of attending the prestigious academy.

Wang could have been in the Class of 2025. The 15-year-old’s funeral is today.

West Point conferred a letter of admission, along with honorarium tokens, to his family, local West Point alumnus Chad Maxey said.

Wang died in his JROTC uniform on Wednesday, holding the door open to allow others to escape, as gunman Nikolas Cruz shot and killed 17 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, authorities and witnesses said.

One of West Point’s priorities is to develop leaders committed to duty, honor and country, and Wang's actions the day of the shooting exemplify those principles, West Point said in a tweet Tuesday.


Gov. Rick Scott directed the Florida National Guard to honor Wang and two other members of JROTC at their funerals. Alaina Petty, 14, was honored at her funeral Monday, as Martin Duque, 14, will be at his funeral Saturday.

All three also will be getting the Army’s Medal of Heroism, the highest honor for Reserve Officers’ Training Corps cadets, said Michael Maddox, spokesman for the U.S. Army Cadet Command.

Wang’s funeral was held Tuesday at Kraeer Funeral Home in Coral Springs and laid to rest at Bailey Memorial Gardens in North Lauderdale.

Maxey said a local veteran group read of Wang’s dream of attending the academy, and confirmed with a cousin that it was true. He said Capt. Shahin Uddin was flown to South Florida to provide the posthumous letter to the family.

This story “has kindled so many hearts for action in a time when things have felt so hopeless,” Maxey said in a text message.

The honor is rarely given, a West Point spokesman said.

Wang has two younger brothers. His parents own a restaurant in Pompano Beach.



kid was wearing his uniform while holding the door and took shots to the front of his body



He's not a kid. He's a man. RIP.

That kid is badass

RIP brave one!  

Crazy to think that Cruz was also a JROTC student.

Soul Gravy - He's not a kid. He's a man. RIP.

This... credit to him. So sad :-(

A deserved honor. He certainly exemplified the Army values in his actions. RIP little warrior.


That's a hard one

Soul Gravy - He's not a kid. He's a man. RIP.

and not just a regular man...A fuckin’ hero

Hocky - 
Soul Gravy - He's not a kid. He's a man. RIP.

and not just a regular man...A fuckin’ hero

Agreed, 100%

I am usually not for the sort of symbolic stuff, but I like this quite a bit.


Damn dust all this place. 

Under overcast skies and a white gazebo tent surrounded by an flowers, Wang’s mother spoke to her slain son over wailing from the listening crowd.  

“I watched you walking to school on February my body is bleeding in unbearable pain. Baby, am I in a nightmare? This is unbearable. Baby, hold my hand, reach me. Baby, I’m stuck in this nightmare. Lead the way out. Baby, I can’t wait for the day to meet you again.”

Even the English and Chinese translators choked up as they convened his mother’s horrific grief.


Survived by his sister, Gash Vagina 

jacktripper -

Survived by his sister, Gash Vagina 

Please eat a giant bag of dicks. 

jacktripper -

Survived by his sister, Gash Vagina 

We all joke about stupid shit on here.


If your kid, niece, or nephew died that way and someone made a joke like that...would you be cool with it?  


Simple question.

jacktripper -

Survived by his sister, Gash Vagina 

Not cool.

Hardcore, man. Proper hero.