peter4032 = gay stalker?

not dissing you or just curious

I know your should calm down or you might get banned :(

you would never know if i was or not so please be quiet

me a homo? thats funny...esp considering i have 4 children and a very beautiful, sexy wife and feel nauseas whenever a homo is near me

did you just graduate the 6th grade or something?

sorry 'Bjj4lifeisback', i didnt know he was your boyfriend...didnt mean to hurt your feelings

OK...Ban :)

hey wilco...why are you trolling on my other threads?

are you really THAT upset i called your bf a homo?

you need help

you little, stalker-troll, freak, thingy you


whadda freak

did you use all of your three brain cells to come up with this idiotic game?

awwwwwe, he's tryin his hardest to make me angry...isnt that cute!

reminds me of that weasle in the old Warner Bros

I have 14 children and several beautiful sexy wives :)

"me a homo? thats funny...esp considering i have 4 children and a very beautiful, sexy wife"

No offense but that doesnt prove anything, Many famous homo's have been married or in long term relationships with women. Freddie Mercury, Cary Grant and Elton John are three that come to mind. I know an old gay guy who has a 23 year old daughter from his brief fling with normal sexual behavior. He now lives with his male 'life partner'.

"and feel nauseas whenever a homo is near me"

According to the homo friendly "Otherground" forum that would make you homophobic, which proves that you are gay.

Redneck is correct

I want a sex wife also.

what is a sex wife?

I dunno but it sounds pretty good.

I want one too.

you guys are entertaining to say the least but i am not a best, i guess i can say i'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body so in that respect i am gay

but i have no desire to be with any men sexually

and i will not tell you what IPC stands for unless you say the 'magic' word

"fat wife" only you saw her...i assure you, you would eat those words

your pathetic attemps to anger me will not work but i do wish they would get you banned

curious like bi-curious?